About Us

Founded in 2o14, The Grid studio aims to produce, record, mix and master the project of its customers to give them the opportunity to rank among the professional levels of the industry. To do so, the studio has not only an outstanding team but also a quality recording room in order to obtain competitive results in the international market.

Combining the ease and familiar ambiance of a home studio while still having the luxury of an incredible recording and mixing room, The Grid offers the best environment to bring your production to its maximum potential. Also there are all the facilities present for a band to stay over after a long day of recording.

Being musicians ourselves, creating the best mixes and production is our most important concern. This is the reason why we provide the best  high-end gear on the modern market to ensure a massive, punchy and wide production. See our gear section for more info.

If you have any questions or want to book a gig, don’t hesitate to join us via Facebook.

Cryptopsy guitarist, Chris Donaldson has been rolling under the name of Garage studio since 1995 before the recent birth of The Grid. He has produced over 100 albums throughout the past 15 years and had the opportunity to work with labels such as century media and victory records. To name just a few, he is the name behind bands such as Neuraxis, Erimah, The Agonist, Cryptopsy, Nobis, Beneath The Massacre and Beyond Creation.

For further info, have a look to the staff section.